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Group tuition questions

Firstly, and most importantly, 6 sessions allows enough time for teachers to get to know students and to build a rapport. The culture of a tuition session is vital for success but it takes some time to establish. If students feel comfortable and secure, they’ll happily contribute within the session and be prepared to take risks without worry about how they look. This is effective learning! The outcomes of creating this culture are students receive relevant and personalised feedback to push and challenge them wherever they are at, they build their condfidence and ultimately make real progress in their understanding.

There are 6 sessions in a block of tuition. In each session our teachers will teach a different key skill related to the overall block topic. The session will begin with a focus on an activity from the home learning, giving students the chance to recap their knowledge from the previous session. Teachers will then introduce the focus for the session. Students will work through teacher created activities as well as EdPLace activities in order to build and solidify their understanding.a key skill and give them chance to work on this as a group. We’ll use some EdPlace activities within this part of the session, and students will complete this within their Group Tuition accounts. At the end of the session, students will be set some home learning for the following week
Parents will receive a copy of both assessment reports at the start and the end of the tuition. This will be in the form of a downloadable PDF that they can share with others if they wish. If the student completes all of the home learning (5 activities within the week) the weekly progress report will also be sent to parents giving them an update on their child’s progress. Finally, at the end of the block of tuition we ask teachers to write a few lines on each students progress on the course and this will be shared with parents.
Each course costs £135 for 6 weekly sessions and are paid for in advance
Due to having to prebook teachers for each session, we will not be able to refund you per session if you are unable to attend. But don't worry, you'll still have the opportunity to access the assigned EdPlace activities from that week!
Yes! In addition to weekly classes, students and parents will be set up with an EdPlace account and your teacher will recommend and assign activities to complete in between sessions to help your child progress.

Yes. Students are assigned an EdPlace assessment ahead of their first session to enable the teacher to better tailor their lesson. They are also asked to take an end of course assessment so both you and their teacher can understand the progress they have made.
Yes! We offer flexible payments options via our payments partner, Klarna. You can split your course into 3 payments or choose to buy now and pay 30 days later.